I come from a world of engineering and holds an HNC in Mechanical Engineering plus a varity of other and interesting qualification ranging from Software to Teaching, Welding to NLP. Entering adult life through the vocational route and discovering academia later in life. I am very practical and always ready to create or build a prototype or experiment with materials and various resources be it digital or mechanical. I have often been described as somebody who can see around corners with an ability to uncover elegant solutions to interesting problems.

I have run a number of businesses of all different shapes and sizes, some have been very successful and some non-starters that failed, however I have learnt invaluable and immeasurable lessons on the way. I have also gained great insights from various employed roles, both within the private sector and public sector, again the experience ranges from the shop floor with a broom to the boardroom of a large organisation.
A result of this eclectic collection of experience and skills I have a well developed and strong problem solving skills set, I have held has core belief since I was young, ‘If something isn’t broken, kick it till it breaks, then you have the opportunity to create a better version.’ there is always room for improvement and change everywhere.