Inspiration – Iceland qualifies for the World Cup.
October 12, 2017

Well, it is not a fluke anymore. If Iceland´s success in the Euro’s 2016 or Leicester’s Premier League title was not inspirational enough sure this will do! How can a nation of 360,000 people get automatic qualification to the World Cup when nations with 5-10 million can´t – even those with great football tradition like Holland, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden. In India the population of Iceland is born every week! Maybe because tradition or size do not matter.

Football managers often site a lack of depth as a reason for not succeeding. I will not say they are wrong but rather that in life we make many assumptions. We perceive things which are not real to help guiding us through an uncertain world. It may be necessary but anyone assuming Iceland did not have the depth have been proved wrong. In his book the Four Hour Work Week Tim Ferris says “The important distinction is between official rules and self-imposed rules”. And, later in the book he says “goals have to be unrealistic to be effective”. In any case, people often assume they need this or that to succeed when most success stories I have come across are based on very meagre beginnings. So lets be inspired.