I am Icelandic with a B.sc. degree in Economics from University of Iceland and M.PHIL degree in Economics and Finance from New York University. After a year and a half working at the Central Bank of Iceland after returning from school in 1996 I found out that rigid institutional framework did not sit well with me even though I enjoyed doing research. I chose to take over as a manager of financial research (and back office operations) at one of the Icelandic banks which was being transformed into the area of Investment Banking. I also taught Economics at the University of Iceland and advised MBA students on ’In company projects’ at Reykjavik University for number of years.

After spending 4 years in banking I wanted to develop even further without the comforts of a large and steady company. At the latter part of 2001 I formed a consultancy business and worked with number of clients and companies most of which were in dire straits financially. In 2002 I advised on a sale of one established clothing manufacturer which gave me good financial basis to continue my journey. In 2002 I was hired by an international investor / entrepreneur with a global portfolio of projects. Most of my projects during the next 15 years were related to his investments, spanning, banking, telecommunications, shipping, retail, real estate and more. I have held the role of project manager, Chairman, director, advisor and good friend both in large established corporations and new start-ups. I have reviewed hundreds of business ideas as part of my work.

In 2005 I was asked to form and become the chairman of a new mobile operator in Iceland (www.nova.is) where I had the flexibility to trying out the principles I have of fun and honesty. The company took an unusual route in some areas while maintaining strict focus on the main idea using established technology. In short it came a great success and lots of fun.